Stramit Monoclad®

The visual appeal, strength, wide cover, light weight and weather resistance of Stramit Monoclad® cladding make it perfect for all commercial roofing and walling applications. Its excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long, economical spans. The large water-carrying capacity and weather-tightness permit very low roof pitches, leading to economies in the building structure.


  • Economical – unique blend of characteristics provides a low installed cost
  • Simple Installation – through fixing and easy notching of flashings
  • 762mm Cover – quick installation and easy handling
  • Hi-tensile Steel – lightweight and high strength
  • Deep Ribs – provide excellent spanning capability with good water carrying capacity
  • Domed Crest – provides greater foot traffic performance
  • Anti-capillary Side Laps – gives improved weather structure
  • 2° Minimum Pitch – reduces support structure
  • Fully Tested – a full range of load performance tables to suit almost any application


The spans shown below take account of ‘normal’ foot traffic and wind resistance including local pressure zone effects. Pressures are based on AS4055 or AS1170.2. Where the two standards differ, the worst case has been taken for each classification. Data should only be used for buildings 7m or less in height, 1000m2 or less in area and unaffected by land topography.

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