J-Clip Roof Spacer


Section J in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) deals with energy efficiency of building structures and is a mandatory part of the building design. In accordance to the BCA, the roof component of the building structure must meet the minimum thermal resistance requirement of R3.2 for most Australian climate areas. In most cases, the minimum thermal resistance requirements can be achieved by installation of bulk insulation underneath the roof cladding and between the purlins. However, as per Section J in the BCA, any bulk insulation installed must be able to maintain its position and thickness.

We have developed the J-CLIP roof spacer to raise the roof cladding in order to fit the bulk installation and maintain its thickness. This enables the roof component of the structure to conform to Section J of the BCA.


The J-CLIP roof spacer is manufactured from 1.6 mm thick galvanized steel for both the top channel and legs.
The J-CLIP roof spacer is manufactured in 3 varying heights to fit different insulation thickness, 75mm, 100mm and 120mm.


• Raises the roof cladding in order to maintain thickness of bulk insulation and to achieve the minimum thermal resistance values in order to comply with the Section J requirement of the BCA.
• Comes in 3 different heights to fit standard insulation thicknesses.
• The 1200 mm nominal length of the J-CLIP matches the typical widths of bulk insulation. This makes installing the J-Clip easier for the contractor as it holds the insulation in place ready for fixing.
• The patented design provides a sturdy and stable platform during construction.
• The roof sheeting can be fixed directly onto the J-CLIP spacer and no alterations to the fixing method of the roof arerequired.
• Cover plates are provided to cover the fastener holes on the top plate of the spacer.
• The J-ClIP can be used in all concealed and pierced fix roofing applications.
• Our leg design guarantees that no screws miss the purlins as we have a safety first approach to ensure all roof cladding is installed correctly.

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